President Poem

He attacked Hessians on Christmas Eve with other men

He was the only president voted unanimously

George was an excellent hunter

He loved nuts

George Washington

died in 1779

He was the first president

He is on our one dollar bill

George Planned out to build the White House

A Trip Back To 2013

2013 was filled with crazy I can look back to and call memories. My favorite was when my football team, the White Oak Roughnecks won the Super Bowl. We beat the Gilmer Buckeyes 21-0. It was a feeling that filled the next couple weeks with excitement. There was also other times I don’t bother going back to. During the summer of 2013, my family took a plane to the famous New York City. I did all sorts of things, like watch plays on Broadway , go to the top of the giant Empire State building, and go to a Yankees and Dodger game. My final memory was going on a 3 week trip to South Carolina with my friend John. We went fishing by a pier and a stingray, it felt like I was reeling in a bus. We played on the beach for hours. That was the coolest trip I’ve ever been on,  but I have some plans to make 2014 even better. My number 1 resolution is to not drink soda. If i pick up a soda Colton will take it away from me. There is one thing I need to stop doing. That is kicking too high when I pitch in baseball tournaments. To do that I just have to think about what I am doing. I also want to learn how to shoot a bow without a clip. I have do just practice a lot. That will make 2014 the craziest year I ever live!!!


December 7, 1941

Place to go too remember veterans.

Event of December 7, 1941 will never be forgotten.

Arizona, Oklahoma,California,and Pennsylvania were sunken ships.

Rusted ship parts may still remain.

Lives were lost in the tragedy.

Heros were awarded the  Medal Of Honor.

A date which will live in infamy.

Raging Americans went back and nuked Japan.

Bombed by Japan to get us into World War II.

Our love will live on,  because there is a memorial.

Right when soldiers were waking up a bomb fell from the air.



Lived harshly on the ship

You couldn’t survive there


One hundred separatist

Unable to live without Indians


Hour glass

I would want to live in Plymouth, because the Indians taught them how to fish and hunt. Those are some of my favorite things to do. Corn grew great in the soil. I love corn. I would rather live in Plymouth.

Henry Hudson

June 1611
Explorer Gazette
Henry Hudson was hired by the Dutch East India Company. Their goal was to find the Northwest Passage to the Indies.They traveled and traveled, but it just got colder and colder at the same time, so he quit his expedition. In 1610 Hudson was hired by England to find the Northwest Passage. He sailed down a passage which is now called Hudson Strait.It lead to what is now called Hudson Bay. In June 1611 the weather started to warm a little bit people wanted to go home so bad.This is the story oof what we think happened.Henry Hudson, his son, and 7 other men had disappeared. Angry crew men had left them out in a bay on a boat with no oars. I think the boat sunk in cold water or they drowned. No one really knows what happened. He could have been attacked by a shark. Will we ever find out what happened or will it remain a mystery of history?